Why does Pobox think I'm sending spam?

All messages sent through the Pobox SMTP server are filtered by Vade.

Vade uses "fingerprints" to identify messages it thinks are spam. A "fingerprint" is any unique string in a message.  They commonly include URLs, email addresses, telephone numbers and host names/IP addresses of sending machines.  They can also include sufficiently unique text strings within a message. For this reason, Vade may identify messages that include spam.  So, for instance, if you are writing back to a friend and telling them that their account has been compromised, and you included the full text of the spam you received, your response still includes the "fingerprint", and may be flagged. We recommend contacting your friend without the full content of the message.

Allowing messages Vade thinks are spam to go out to ISPs can result in those ISPs thinking all mail from the Pobox SMTP server could be spam.  To protect the message deliverability of all Pobox customers' mail, we do not deliver these messages.

We will notify you if we believe your account is sending spam. If you did not send these messages, we encourage you to change your password immediately. Your account may have been compromised by spammers.

If you did send these messages, but they are spam reports to external services, please let us know. We maintain a list of abuse reporting addresses, but not every address is on our list. However, please do not submit any further reports until we have let you know that the services you are reporting to have been added.

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