How much did Pobox used to cost?

Pobox was introduced in 1995 for $15/year, with additional aliases costing $7 for the next group of 3.

In 1996, email filters (MailBlock and MailSort) were introduced as additional features. They cost $9/year and $12/year, respectively.

In 1997, Pager Notification was added for $6/year.

In 1999, Pobox Plus was introduced at $35/year, and included access to all the email filters. Spam Protection was added as a free service to all accounts.

In 2000, Autoresponders were added for $7/year. Vacation Mail was added to all accounts as a free service.

In 2004, the price of Pobox Basic changed for the first (and, so far, only) time to $20. Pobox Plus was still $35/year, and Mailstore was introduced at $50/year. Additional aliases were reduced to $6/group of 3. Filters were no longer available on a one-off basis.

In 2006, My Pobox was introduced. There is no charge to add a domain to your account. There is a $15/year registration fee if you register your domain through us, and a $30/year charge if you set up AllMail (a catch-all forwarding, for all unassigned addresses.)

in 2012, per-alias charges were eliminated. Each account type now gets a fixed block of aliases. Basic accounts get 3 aliases at Pobox domains and personal domain aliases up to an account maximum of 20. Plus accounts get 6 Pobox/up to 40 total. Mailstore accounts get 6 Pobox/up to 100 total. AllMail pricing was reduced to $10/year. 

There have been no changes to account prices since 2013. In 2016, we increased domain registration prices by $2 to add WHOIS privacy for all customers. In 2020, we increased domain registration by $3 to cover increases in costs to us at the registrar.

Don't know when you signed up? Check out our guide to Pobox logos through the years for a little walk down memory lane.

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