I'd like to get mail sent to any address at my domain. (Or, What's AllMail?)

My Pobox AllMail catches all unassigned mail for your domain. So, let's say you set up:


If you use AllMail, messages sent to maryj@mydomain.com, mary.jones@mydomain.com, mary.p.jones@mydomain.com, etc. would all be sent to your AllMail address. Without AllMail, those messages would bounce. You would also get messages sent to bob@mydomain.com, sales@mydomain.com, test@mydomain.com, and every other possible address. 

Setting up AllMail

Follow these steps to set up AllMail for your Pobox domains:

  1. Log in to your Pobox web interface and click the Services tab. 
  2. Find the domain in the MyPobox Personal Domains section and click the Edit button for the domain.
  3. Click Add AllMail.

AllMail Exceptions

My Pobox AllMail will allow you to prevent certain email addresses from being redirected to your Inbox. This is ideal for all those times you'd like to give out an email address and then block it if the address becomes known to spammers. For instance, say that you create an address like ebay@yourdomain.com and give that to fellow Ebay users. Then, later, it starts to become a major spam source. Just come to our website, exclude it from AllMail, and you'll never need to worry about it again. You'll be able to add exclusions and delete exclusions whenever you want.

AllMail to enhance your online security

We talk a lot about how important unique passwords are. (The security of your password is only as good as the weakest site you use it on!) Another great way to improve your online security is to use unique login email addresses. AllMail makes that easy. You can set up a different email address at your domain for every site that requires a login, knowing that we will treat them all the same as your primary address.  (Or, if you're a Plus or Mailstore user, put your Allmail address on its own Delivery Group, and forward those messages differently -- it's up to you.)

Volume Limits

AllMail will handle up to 30,000 messages a month, or 1,000 messages a day, for $10/year. AllMail for 2 domains is included for Mailstore accounts. If you would like to use AllMail as your front-line spam protection or for a larger volume of mail than 30,000 messages a month, corporate pricing starts at $10/month. Please contact Customer Support with your estimated mail volume for more details.

Disabling AllMail

If you'd like to turn off AllMail for a domain, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Pobox web interface and click the Services tab.
  2. Click the Remove Address button.
  3. Find the entry for the domain you'd like to remove and click the red Delete button.
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