Deactivating your domain

Pobox Customer Service will actually remove your domain from your Pobox account, so we can help you make sure you never lose email.  Here's what will happen for 3 different removal cases.  We're here to help, no matter how you want to host your domain, so just let us know if we can provide any advice or assistance on this process.

If you want to stop using the domain

If Pobox registered the domain for you, and you no longer want to own the domain, just let us know.  We will remove it from your Pobox account, and cancel the registration for the domain.  If you registered it elsewhere, we will remove it from your account, and tell you who you should contact to cancel the registration.  Please note, if you stop using the domain, and cancel its registration, someone else may purchase the domain after a 30 day grace period.

If you still want to use the domain, just not with Pobox

If you want to move your domain to another provider, the first thing you want to do is set up the domain with the new provider.  This means creating all the user accounts there, and getting their instructions on how to move the domain.  Once everything is set up, then you will want to change the MX records for your domain.

Once you're all set up at your new provider, you can start removing the addresses at that domain from your Pobox account.  Once that is done, contact us, and we will remove the domain from your account.  If Pobox registered the domain for you, you'll need to move the registration as well -- we do not host registration for domains that get email service elsewhere.

Please note that, if you send your mail through Pobox, you won't be able to send test messages from us to the new provider during the transition.  That's because we think we handle mail for your domain, until you tell us to remove it.  That's a good thing -- you'd much rather have 2 providers thinking they handle mail for your domain during the transition process, instead of a period where 0 providers think they do.

If you want to use Pobox for email, but want to host other services elsewhere

If you would like to host other services, particularly DNS options that Pobox does not support, you will want to set up your domain at the other provider, then follow our instructions for setting up the domain's MX records to point to Pobox.  No changes should be required on the Pobox end -- once your MX records at the other provider are set up to point to Pobox, your mail should begin flowing immediately.

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