How to register a new domain with Pobox

To add a domain to your account, visit the Domain Setup page:

On the following page, enter the domain you want to add to the text box. Next, the choose the option for the domain you are trying to add. If you already own the domain, select "I own it", then click on the "Check Domain" button. 

If you do not own it, choose the option "I want to buy it". Then click on the "Check Domain" button.

I want to buy it

After clicking on the "Check Domain" button, if the domain you wish to purchase is available, you will see a domain WHOIS contact information section. This information is necessary to add the domain to your account.

Once you fill out all of the necessary fields, click on the green "Register Domain" button on the right side of the page. Doing this will add the domain to your account! After that, you will be able to add an address at your domain on your account. For steps on how to do that, please visit the on how to add an address

I own it

If you own the domain, you will see a few more options on the right side of the page:


Since you're adding a domain you already own, select "Yes" for the first drop down menu. 

The second drop down menu will have a few options for how the domain is in use.

No/Only a Website

If you aren't using your domain for email today, we can add it to your account immediately if you update its MX records to point to Pobox. Our MX records are:


All should be set to a priority of 10.

Only for email/Website + Email

If you're using your domain for email, we want to make sure your mail isn't disrupted by switching it to Pobox.

First, we need to confirm that you own the domain. If your WHOIS information has an email address, we can email that address for confirmation. Or, if you have a web site, we can send you a small code to add to the page source (it won't be visible to people using your site.)

Once your domain is confirmed, we'll add it to your account. Then, you will need to set up addresses for any users at the domain. That way, no one will lose access to their mail while you're moving the domain.

  After you choose the option that reflects the status of your domain, click on the "Add Domain" button. If the domain is not in use, you can update the MX Records for the domain to point to Pobox. If you do not own the domain, do not change the MX records yet. After, the domain is approved for your account, and you set up the addresses you want at the domain, you would finish by pointing the MX records to us. 

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