Airmail 3

First, you want to open the Airmail 3 client and select add IMAP account.

Next, you will want to want to enter the following information:

  • Name: The name you want associated with this account.
  • Email Address: Your full email address, or your full personal domain address.
  • Password: This will be your login password for that email, or your application specific password. (In this example it's your Gmail password.)
    • If you are using 2-step verification you need to use an application specific password.
  • Username: This is the email address where you want to receive mail. (In this example, it's a Gmail address.)
  • Incoming server: Enter
  • Sending server: Enter 
  • Username: This is your address
  • Password: This is your Pobox password.
    • If you have an app specific password, enter it here.


After filling out the information, click "Add" and you will be brought to your AirMail 3 inbox.



If you were not redirected to the inbox of Airmail 3, please contact customer support at

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