To use Entourage to send mail through your Pobox address, follow these steps:
  1. Open Entourage.

  2. Go to Tools > Accounts.

  3. Use the New button to create a New Mail. Use "Configure the account manually".

  4. Choose EITHER POP or IMAP server.

  5. Create an Account Name

  6. Enter your Name and Pobox Email address in the Personal Information field.

  7. Your Account ID should be given to you by your ISP.

  8. Your POP/IMAP server should be given to your by your ISP.

  9. Enter your forwarding address's inbox password in the Password field.

  10. Your Outgoing (SMTP) server is: smtp.pobox.com

  11. Click on "Click here for advanced sending options".

  12. Make sure to select "SMTP server requires authentication" and fill the circle next to "Log on using"

  13. Your Account ID is your Pobox address through which you wish to send.

  14. Your Password is your Pobox password.

  15. Also make sure to check "SMTP service requires secure connection (SSL)".

NOTE: If you receive a connectivity error when attempting to send mail with these settings, please make sure the default SMTP port number is 587.

  1. Click the box in the upper-left corner to close the advanced options.

  2. Click the OK button.


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