Windows 10 Mail

Open the Mail app on your Windows PC and select "+ Add Account".

Next, at the bottom of "Choose an account" select "Advanced setup".

On the "Advanced setup" window select "Internet email  POP or IMAP accounts that let you view your email in a web browser".

Next, you will want to want to enter the following information:

  • Email Address: Your full Pobox email address, or your full personal domain address.
  • User name: Your full Pobox email address, or your full personal domain address.
  • Password: This will be your password, or your application specific password.
    • If you are using 2-step verification you need to use an application specific password.
  • Account name: The name you would like you Mail account to be called.
  • Sending your message using this name: This is the name that will show in the message headers when your message is received by the recipient.
  • Incoming server: Enter
  • Account type: IMAP4
  • Sending server: Enter 
  • Outgoing server requires authentication: Keep box checked.
  • Use the same user name and password for sending email: Keep box checked.
  • Require SSL for incoming email: Keep box checked.
  • Require SSL for outgoing email: Keep box checked.

After filling out the information, click "Sign in"

If everything was input correctly, the next screen will say "All done!".  You can then click "Done" at the bottom of the winder to finish your Mail app setup.

If you experience any problems configuring your Mail app, please contact customer support at

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