Samsung Mobile Email (Galaxy S8)

To begin setting up your Email client on your Samsung device, open the "Email" app.

You should be prompted with a similar screen as to what you see below.  When you see this screen, click "Add New Account".

On the next screen, input your full Pobox email address or full personal domain address, as well as your Pobox password or application-specific password.  

When you have entered this information, click on "Manual Setup".

Select IMAP account to begin configuring your mail account.

Your information should automatically populate, but in the event that it doesn't, see the information you should input below.

Email address: Your Pobox address or your full domain address.

User name: This will be your Pobox address or your full domain address.

Password: Your Pobox account password (only for accounts without two-step verification) or app-specific password (recommended for all accounts)

IMAP server:

Security type: SSL

Port: 993

Scroll down to view and complete the outgoing server information.

SMTP Server:

Security type: TLS

Port: 587

Keep "Authentication required before sending emails" enabled

User name: Your Pobox address or your full domain address

Password: Your Pobox account password or app-specific password

Once completed you can tap "Next" in the bottom right of the screen.

If everything is configured successfully, you should see the below screen where you can now set how often your email syncs and if you should receive notifications or not.

Tap "Next" once complete.

You will be redirected to the below screen where you have the option to name your account and set the name that shows when you send a message.

Once you have completed this section, click "Done".

Once you click done, you will be redirected to your inbox, as seen below.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact customer support at

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