How is Pobox white label forwarding different?

Most customers tell us, when they switch their email forwarding to Pobox, they see a few big changes.

Mail is forwarded much faster. Our system is optimized for speed; most messages are forwarded in under 2 seconds.

No more missing messages. In our opinion, a message should never just "disappear". Whenever possible, if we reject a message as spam, we bounce it. This both notifies legitimate senders that their message wasn't received, and tells spammers to stop bothering -- this message isn't going through. In the rare cases where a message is quarantined instead, it can be reviewed by an administrator for 30 days.

Faster setup times. We can have your domain tested and forwarding on our system in a week. (In extreme cases, we can probably even do it faster.)

Email forwarding is our business and our passion, not something that we do as an afterthought. If you're unhappy with the performance of your existing solution, talk to us.

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