What is Delivery Status, and what can it tell me about my released messages?

The Released Messages section includes Delivery Status, so you can tell what is going on with your released message. (If you don't see Delivery Status in your message listing, click "Edit Columns", then check the checkbox next to Delivery Status, and Save.)

Queued messages have been tagged for release, but have not yet been sent to you. There is no need to release this message again; we will send it shortly.

Sent messages were successfully sent to your account. If you did not receive the message, check any Junk Mail or Spam folders you may have at your ISP. If we picked a message up as spam, it's somewhat likely that your ISP would pick it up as well. If you do not find your message, please contact your ISP for assistance locating it.

Bounced messages were rejected by your ISP. This could be because of a problem with your account (like your mailbox is over quota), or a problem with the message (like it's triggering their aggressive spam filters.) If you think it was a temporary problem, release the message to yourself again, and we will try to resend it. You can also try adding a temporary forwarding address so you can send it somewhere else.


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