How can I review my spam more quickly?

We recommend that people review their spam for the first 2 weeks of their account (or the first 2 weeks after they make their spam settings more aggressive.)  After that, you do not need to review or delete your spam.

If you wish to continue reviewing your spam, we have created a few tools to help.


By default, all Pobox users start out viewing All Spam when you come to the Spam section.  Depending on how much spam you get, though, that might take you a long time to review.  We've created several different slices of your spam, listed under My Views, that could make your list of messages to review much shorter.  Each view, including All Spam, will tell you how many messages are included, and how many of them you released. We'll then say:

Reviewing these messages regularly is a slow/fair/good/great way to find missing messages.

This should let you know which view will show you greatest number of messages that need your attention.

In general, we think the Quick Check view is the best view for quick reviewing, since it removes the messages caught by our most accurate filters (i.e. the ones most likely to be spam.)

Emailed Reports

You automatically receive an emailed report that contains any messages held by your filters.  You can customize it to only include messages from a particular view.  If you switch between checking messages on the website and checking messages on your report, clicking "Delete Listed Messages" in your report ensures that you don't review them again on the web.  Switching your spam settings to Aggressive bounces the messages most likely to be spam, and also reduces the number of messages to be reviewed.


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