How to move your mail to Mailstore

If you want to move your existing mailboxes and folders to your Mailstore account from your current provider, you have two methods.

Mailstore Migrator

If you are using IMAP or webmail at your existing provider, you can use the Settings → Import & Setup screen to copy your mail from your original account to Mailstore. Note: We make a copy of the mail on Mailstore -- your original account will be unchanged, so you won't see messages disappearing, or folders being deleted, or anything else on that end.

The migrator will ask for your provider, username and password.  It tries to connect, and grabs a list of all your folders.  We'll show you the list of folders, and you can select which ones you'd like to copy.  In general, we do not recommend copying your Trash, Spam, Junk Mail, Bulk Mail, or other folders of mail that you're not really interested in.  

The migrator can be run multiple times on the same account.  So, if you're interested in trying Mailstore, and getting started quickly, you may want to start by just importing your Inbox.  Later, you can import any folders or archives separately.

Please note that the migrator is automated, and, as such, can sometimes fall victim to settings, policy changes and other issues presented by the original account.  Below, we've listed some of the tips and alerts we've received from customers.

Accounts using two-factor authentication

An application-specific password needs to be set up for the migrator to work.



If you are using POP and storing your mail on your computer, you'd like to selectively migrate messages, or you just want to monitor the progress as you go, the easiest way to move to Mailstore is to use drag-and-drop in your email program.  Simply follow the instructions for setting up Mailstore in your email program. (Regardless of the settings you are using on your existing account, we recommend setting up Mailstore as an IMAP account.)   Once your Mailstore account is set up, drag the messages and/or folders you wish to move from your existing account to your Mailstore account.


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