Accessing the Fastmail app for Mailstore users

The Fastmail mobile app

The official Fastmail mobile app is the best way to use Pobox Webmail on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device.

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The app works on iOS 11.x+ and Android 5.x+ devices, and is available to paid Pobox Mailstore accounts. Users that don't meet these requirements can still use the mobile web interface at

The Fastmail mobile app is accessible to Pobox Mailstore customers. When using the app, Mailstore users have access to services available via the webmail screen. Other services such as spam folder, aliases, addresses, profile information, must be accessed from the Pobox home screen.


  • Secure your account with an authentication app using two-step verification.
  • No need for a separate app password: it just works with your regular web login.
  • Push notifications: get notified the instant a new email arrives.
  • Attach local files to emails.
  • Notification controls: ringtone, vibrate, LED and quiet hours (Android only).
  • Integration with Android Wear and Pebble devices (Android only).
  • Share text from other apps (Android only).
  • Integration with 1Password on iOS and Android.
  • Access and ability to upload device files via the Files screen.

Did you know?

  • To rapidly return to the top of the screen, click on the Fastmail header. (In the mailbox list view, this is the folder name; in the message view, this is the message count).
  • To perform an action on multiple messages, use the checkboxes to select all affected conversations: the footer converts to the action bar.
  • To force a check for new mail, pull down on the message list view. (iOS only)
  • Customize your notifications, smart watch behavior, and external link browser via the in-app Device Settings. 
  • You can share your mail content with other apps: tap a message, use the action arrow to bring up the menu and use Share Message Content... to select what to send, and where. (iOS only)
  • You can send text content from other apps to create a new mail item. (Android only)
  • Using force-quit to stop the app means it's not active to send you new mail notifications. If you force-quit and still require notifications, don't forget to restart the app.


"Upgrade your app" screen

In November 2022, we ended support for Versions 2 and 3 of the Fastmail app. Customers using these older versions of the app will need to upgrade to Version 4. Please see our Migration to help page for more information.

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