What email headers does Pobox add?

Every server that handles your message adds some information to the message headers.  At a minimum, it will add a Received: header, which indicates when and how it handled the message.  But it can also add other information. 

At Pobox, we add several headers.  They show you the information we used to spam filter the message, indicate why we took an action on a message if we filtered it, and help us debug problems.  Every message Pobox handles will have the following headers added (in addition to the Received headers which show the servers that handled the message):

  • X-Pobox-Client-Address and X-Pobox-Client-Name: the IP address and the name of the server that sent us the message; this is what is checked by most of our spam filters
  • X-Pobox-Client-HELO: the name that the sending server claimed as its own, if any; used by a few spam filters
  • X-Pobox-Original-Sender: We change (SRS rewrite) the envelope sender of messages to comply with SPF and Domain Keys.  This is the envelope sender as it came in to us.

Messages that are sent from Trusted Senders will also have the following header:

X-Pobox-Pass: <email address> is whitelisted

Messages that are sent to Pobox Plus and Mailstore accounts with filters will also see the following headers:

X-Pobox-Filter-Version: 3.1

Messages that are actually filtered will also have these headers:

  • X-Pobox-Spam-To: <address that received the message>
  • X-Pobox-Spam-From: <envelope sender>
  • X-Pobox-Spam-Disposition: <what action did we take>
  • X-Pobox-Spam-Reason: <why did we take it>
  • X-Pobox-Filter-Match: <information about filter matches>

Messages sent to Mailstore accounts will have:

  • X-Icg-Account-ID: the account ID of the account that received the message


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