Mac Mail (setting up account for the first time)

To set up an account that receives incoming mail from your ISP, but sends outgoing mail through Pobox, please follow these instructions.

  • In Mac Mail open Preferences:

In the following window, click on the "+" in the bottom left corner:

The next screen will provide you with a list of options.


If your forwarding address is not with any of the service providers, please skip ahead to Forwarding email provider not listed. 

If your forwarding address is with iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL, please select the service provider for your forwarding address from the list. 

You will be directed to log in to the forwarding address's server. Please complete the prompts and enter the forwarding address's username and password. 

Next, edit this new profile to access our sending server. You can do this on the Mail → Preferences → Accounts window, which the last step redirected to. The steps are: 

  1. Select the forwarding account from the lefthand list.

  2. Select the Server settings heading.

  3. Expand the dropdown box next to Outgoing Mail account.

  4. Select Edit SMTP Server List...

  5. This will bring out a new window. Click the (+) icon to add a new sending server.

  6. Please list the following information: 
    Description: Pobox
    Username: The pobox username 
    Password: The Pobox password or app-specific password
    Click the checkbox next to Automatically manage connection settings to make it blank Port: 465. If this doesn't work, try 587
    Click the checkbox next to Use TLS/SSL to fill it in
    Authentication: Password


  7. Click OK. You will be redirected to the Mail → Preferences → Accounts → Server settings window.

  8. Expand the dropdown box next to Outgoing mail account.

  9. Select Pobox from the list.

Now that the forwarding address knows which sending server to use, you can tell it which sending email address to use:

  1. Select the Account information heading.

  2. Expand the Email address dropdown box.

  3. Select Edit email addresses.

  4. Click on the (+) icon.

  5. Type the Pobox alias you'd like to send mail from. 

  6. Click OK. You will be redirected to the Mail → Preferences → Accounts → Account information window.

  7. Expand the Email address dropdown box again, and select the Pobox alias. 

  8. If you'd like, you can also edit the Description to the Pobox alias. 


Forwarding email provider not listed

Select the last option, "Add Other Mail Account" and click on "Continue":

On the next screen, enter the following information:
  • Full Name: The name you want to appear in messages
  • Email Address: Your full Pobox email address, or your full personal domain address
  • Password: Your Pobox password, or your application specific password

****If you do not see this next screen during setup, please skip.

If you do see this screen with the error message "unable to verify account name or password"  Please enter:

Email Address: Your Pobox email address

Incoming Mail Server: Incoming server for your Forwarding address

Outgoing Mail Server:

Click "Sign In"  and you will be redirected to the mail account settings page (skip the next 2 steps if you did not receive the below screenshot)


The following screen will ask for your incoming mail server settings. Please note, for this section, you will need go use the incoming server settings provided by your forwarding address. For example, if you forward mail go Gmail, your Mail Server will be, your User Name will be, and your Password will be your Gmail password.
  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Mail Server: Incoming server of your forwarding address
  • User Name: Your forwarding address
  • Password: Your forwarding address password
Click on 'Next' to continue.
The next screen will need you to enter your Pobox outgoing mail server information. The settings should be:
  • SMTP Server:
  • User Name: Your full Pobox email address, or your full personal domain address
  • Password: Your Pobox password, or your application specific password

Finish by clicking on create.

After hitting Create, go bace to the 'Account Information' page and select 'Edit SMTP Server List...'

On the following page, you will need to update your the SMTP settings for your email program. What you'll need to do is switch your port to 587, and change your authentication to Password. In the User Name and Password fields below, enter your Pobox username and Pobox password (app-specific password is you have Two-step verification enabled). Finish the setup process by clicking OK.

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