Mac Mail (changing the settings for an account that's already set up)

To change your current Mac Mail settings to send your outgoing mail through Pobox, please follow these instructions.

    1. Go to Mail > Preferences.

    1. Click on Accounts at the top of the menu box which appears. Select the account whose outgoing mail you want to send through Pobox. If you want your outgoing mail to say it's (any of your Pobox addresses), change Email Address: to (any of your Pobox addresses)

    1. Under Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), click the drop down box and select Edit Server List. Click "+", then enter:

      • Description: Pobox SMTP
      • Server Name: SMTP.POBOX.COM

    1. Select Advanced, then enter:

      • Server Port: 587 check Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
      • Authentication: Password
      • User Name:
      • Password: Your Pobox Password

Then click OK.

  1. When you close the Preferences window, it will ask you to save your changes. Click "Save".

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