Why can't I get into my Mailstore Inbox?

If you try to connect via webmail and you can't connect, or you're trying to use an email client like Mac Mail, and it keeps prompting you for your password, you may not be able to get into your Mailstore inbox.

The first two things to check are our Twitter stream, and your account status.

System-wide Problems

If we are having a system-wide problem, we will tweet about it! Our twitter stream is also located on the front page, the login page and the Services page; we want to make it easy for you to see, because we post frequent updates.

Account-specific Problems

If you are having an account-specific problem, there are two statuses that could be causing it, both of which will be noted on the Services page.

If we are migrating your account, you will see a green box saying you will have access again shortly.

Your account is being migrated! It should be back online shortly.

Migration time is based on the size of your mailbox. The majority of mailboxes can be migrated in 10 minutes or less. Accounts with more than 10 gigs of mail could take longer. (Fun fact: Your Trash and Junk folders never empty unless you tell them to. So, don't forget to empty them every once in a while, ok?) 

If your account has been deactivated for non-payment, you will see that you are inactive, and a button to reactivate and pay.


Other Problems

If neither of these cases apply to you, please contact Customer Support and tell them what error, if any, you're seeing when you try to connect. If you tweet @pobox, please also send a ticket; unless your twitter username is one of your aliases, we can't always associate tweets with accounts.

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