You told me I'm looping mail!

If you've received a message from us with the subject "Your account is looping mail", we believe one of the addresses we forward to is forwarding back to us.  This is called a mail loop, because, for example:

  • Joe sends a message to your Pobox address
  • You forward it to your Gmail address
  • Gmail is set up to forward to your Pobox address
  • It comes back to Pobox, which is set up to forward to your Gmail address
  • and repeat!

In many cases, mail loops were set up some time ago. You may not be aware of it because most email systems try to detect mail loops, and stop forwarding messages after the second or third go round. Some email programs will also suppress the duplicate messages, so you wouldn't even see the second and third go rounds. However, mail loops are bad news, and should be shut off.

The email we sent you attempts to determine which of your forwarding addresses is forwarding mail to us.

If you no longer read email at that location, you should remove it from your Pobox forwarding address list.

If you read mail there, you should remove Pobox from its forwarding list.

If you aren't sure, talk to Customer Support about your situation. Tell them where you read your mail, and what you think the forwarding is doing for you. Then we can help you set up your accounts for the best results!

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