How do I set up Email Filters?

Email Filters are available for Pobox Plus and Mailstore accounts.

To set up simple filters, which check everywhere in the message for the words or email addresses you specify, go to the Email Filters page. You can specify in which order your filters are checked. An email can only match one filter; once it matches a filter, we take that filter's action, and stop processing.

When entering multiple conditions for a single filter, the message will have to hit all the conditions listed in order to trigger the action.

Filters allow you to specify where we should look for a particular term, and to look for multiple terms in a single message. You can look for terms in:

  • the From: header
  • the To: or CC: headers
  • the Subject: header
  • any header
  • the message content
  • any header or content (anywhere)

You can add more than one condition for a filter. A message must match all the conditions for the filter to be applied. 

Once you have specified what we should look for, you can then specify what we should do when we find it. Your options are:

  • discard the message (it will be available in the Spam section if you want to retrieve it)
  • redirect the message, which sends the message ONLY to the address you specify
  • CC the message, which sends a copy to your forwarding destination AND the address you specify
  • add text to the Subject of the message, then send it to your forwarding destination.
  • redirect or CC the message to your pager/mobile device, which sends a shortened version of the message, without images, HTML or attachments, and abbreviates some text.
  • trigger an autoresponse, so the message sender will receive your selected autoresponse email (like vacation mail.)

Setting up a filter

After going to the Filters page, click "Add New Filter". 
If you want to have messages that are from a specific address go to the section, you would set up your filter to resemble something like this:
In this example, when mail comes in from the email address '', that message will go to the discarded section. If you wanted to send mail to the Spam section based on the subject, you would change the first drop down menu from "From" to "Subject", and include the term you are using to discard messages in the text field below.
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