How can I report spam that Pobox missed (false negatives)?

Although our spam protection can be customized to your mail flow preferences with different aggressiveness levels and your Trusted Senders List, no spam filter is 100% accurate, and some spam may occasionally get through to your forwarding addresses.

If you are getting spam to your account, please make sure that your spam slider is set to Standard or higher before reporting a problem.  We require that everyone use Weak spam filtering, but Standard is our recommended minimum level of protection. We also suggest checking your headers to make sure the message wasn't sent from a Trusted Sender.  You will see "X-Pobox-Pass: email address is whitelisted" in your headers for messages sent from Trusted Senders.

If your filters are set to Standard or higher, you can help us continue to improve your spam filtering by submitting these system misses, known as "false negatives", to the Vade Secure false-negative hotline.

If you are not a Mailstore user, forward the messages you wish to report to If your mail program supports forwarding messages as attachments (mime/rfc822, for those in the know), please use that method when submitting messages. Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook 2008, and mutt all support "forward as attachment"; please check the help documents for your mail program for more details on how to forward as an attachment. Please note that our support team does not receive messages sent to this address. Please get in touch with us at if you need help.

Mailstore customers can report a false negative by clicking "Report Spam" in the web interface, or by dragging the message they want to report to the "Spam" folder. This folder is checked periodically throughout the day, and messages are automatically submitted to Vade Secure. The "Spam" folder is created by Pobox for you; you should not create a folder with that name. "Spam" should always be visible on the webmail interface. If it is not visible in your email program, too, you may need to "resynchronize" your mail program; please see the documentation for the program you are using for instructions on resynchronizing.

If you are receiving more than a few pieces of spam a day, and you have already set your filters to Aggressive or Very Aggressive, please contact us.  Especially if you forward your mail to Pobox from another provider, we may be able to help reduce your spam significantly.

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