Pobox's MX records

These instructions are for My Pobox Personal Domains only. These should not be used to set up your email program to send and receive mail. Get instructions for my email program

If you control the DNS for your own domain, you can point just the mail exchanger (MX) records at Pobox. The MX servers for pobox are:

  • mx-1.pobox.com
  • mx-2.pobox.com
  • mx-3.pobox.com
  • mx-4.pobox.com
  • mx-5.pobox.com

These should all have a priority of 10. Leave the host (or hostname) field blank. If your provider requires an entry in this field, please put @.

Once you change your MX records, all mail for your domain will begin being sent to Pobox. So, if you have any users at your domain, please make sure you set up forwarding or mailboxes for them before changing your MX records.

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