Windows Mail

1. Go to Tools > Accounts...


2. Click Add...

Internet Accounts

3. Select E-mail Account and click Next.

Select Account Type

4. You will be prompted for "Your Name". Please enter the name you wish the From: header to display (such as and click Next. Then, on the "Internet E-mail Address" prompt, enter (Pobox address) for E-mail address: and click Next.

Internet Email Address

5. Under "Set up e-mail servers":

-Incoming e-mail server type: Please get this setting from your ISP (Pobox recommends IMAP)

-Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server: Please get this setting from your ISP

-Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name:

Please check "Outgoing server requires authentication" and click Next.

Set up e-mail servers

6. For "Internet Mail Login":

-E-mail username: Please get this setting from your ISP

-Password: Please get this setting from your ISP

and click Next, and Finished.

Internet Mail Logon

7. Go back to Tools > Accounts...

8. Click on the E-mail Account you wish to have send through the Pobox SMTP, and click Properties.

9. Click on the Servers tab. Please note that in this screenshot, the "" is simply an stand-in for your ISP's setting and should NOT be used as a an actual server name. Please look under Outgoing Mail Server and click Settings...


10. Under "Logon Information", click "Log on using" and fill in:

-E-mail username: (Your Pobox address)

-Password: Your Pobox Password

Outgoing Mail Server

Check "Remember password" and click OK, then Apply, and OK.

You are done setting up Windows Mail to receive mail from your ISP and send mail through the Pobox SMTP.


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