Outlook 2016 (Windows - Version 1707)

To setup Outlook 2016 for Windows, you should first find the incoming server information provided by your forwarding address.

For example, if you use Gmail, you will need their POP/IMAP settings. Once you have your incoming server settings on hand, you can begin setting up Outlook for your Pobox account.

Setting this up will allow you to send messages through our SMTP, with your From address being your @pobox.com address, or your personal domain address, if you set one up for your account. 

To begin, click on File in the top left hand corner of the page:

On the following page, click on Add Account:

On the next window, input your @pobox.com email address, click "Advanced options" and check the box next to "Let me set up my account manually".

Next, you will be able to select the mail account you wish to configure.  Select "IMAP".

After you select the mail account you want to configure, you will be prompted to input the incoming and outgoing mail server information.

For the incoming mail server input:

Server: This will be the incoming server provided by your forwarding address' email provider.  

Port: 993

Encryption: SSL/TLS

Outgoing mail:

Server: smtp.pobox.com

Port: 587

Encryption method: STARTTLS

When completed, click on "Connect".

Once you click "Connect" a new window will pop up that will ask for your incoming mail server password.

The password you should enter is your forwarding address account password or if you have two-step verification enabled for your forwarding address, you will have to generate an application-specific password.

Check the box next to "Save this password in your password list" and click OK

After you click OK, you will be required to input your password again for the outgoing mail server.

The password you should enter is your Pobox account password or your application specific password if you have two-step verification enabled.

Check the box next to "Save this password in your password list" and click OK.

Once you click OK you will be redirected you should see a confirmation page stating that your account setup is complete.

To confirm that your account is configured properly, click the "Send/Receive All Folders" icon in the top left of your Outlook window or press F9.  You will see a window pop up and start to run a test to make sure you're able to send and receive mail with your newly configured mail account.

Your Outlook 2016 client should now be configured with your Pobox account. 

If you have any problems feel free to send us a message at pobox@pobox.com.  We're happy to help!

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