Android 4.0 and Earlier

If you have a Pobox Basic or Pobox Plus account, please visit this page to find instructions on how to set up your email application.

To use Mailstore with an Android Mobile Device, follow these steps:

    1. From the Home Screen, select the Application Button

    2. Select E-mail

Select E-mail

    1. Enter:

      • Address: (any of your Pobox addresses)
      • Password: your Pobox password

Enter Information

    1. Select Next

    2. Select IMAP Account

Select IMAP

    1. Enter the following information:

      • Address:
      • Password: your Pobox password
      • IMAP Server:
      • Port: 993
      • Security Type: SSL
      • IMAP path prefix: Leave Blank

Enter Incoming Settings

    1. Select Next

    2. For the Outgoing Mail Server enter:

      • SMTP Server: SMTP.POBOX.COM
      • Port: 465
      • Security type: SSL
      • User Name:
      • Password: your Pobox password

Select E-mail

    1. Select Next

    2. Select your preferred Account Settings

Account Options

    1. Select your preferred Additional Settings on Set Up Email

Set Up Email

  1. Select Done



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