How can I delete my spam?

We recommend reviewing your Spam for any legitimate mail that might have been accidentally caught. Once you've reviewed your messages, if you wish, you can delete them by clicking "Released Checked + Delete Others". All the messages on that page (except any that you've checked to have released) will be deleted immediately. If you only want to released messages, and not delete others, you can select the messages you want to release, and click on the button "Release Checked Only".

Messages can be deleted from any of the spam views, and from the All Spam listing. If you do not release a message within 30 days, it's automatically removed.

Messages cannot be removed from the Released list.  We list messages there that you have released to yourself, so it serves as a record that the message has been released.  Messages are automatically removed from the Released view 30 days after they were originally caught.

Messages also cannot be removed from the Emailed Report pages.  Marking a message deleted from the Emailed Reports pages removes them from the spam views, but not from the report page itself.  Again, this is because those pages serve as a record of the messages that were included in the emailed report we sent you. 

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