What is the RSS feed?

The Spam section allows you to get your spam as an RSS feed. It's a great way to keep an eye on your spam if you think the daily report doesn't come frequently enough, and you don't want to come to the Pobox site to keep checking it. You can get a separate feed for each of your spam views by right-clicking the feed icon RSS icon on each page.

An RSS feed is a way for a website to send you information, automatically. You use a program or website known as a '''feed reader''' to make a list of your feeds. For most feed readers, you just give it the URL of the page that includes a feed icon, and it will find the feed URL for you. Lots of sites use it -- blogs, news sites, Flickr -- any site that you come back to frequently probably has a feed, so you can be automatically notified when new items are posted.

With RSS, your feed reader checks your sites, automatically, for new content. When it finds new content, it brings you the information, with a link back to the original. So, in the case of Flickr, it would show you new pictures posted by your friends. With CNN, it will show you new news articles. With your favorite blog, it will show you new posts. Once you read the article, it's automatically removed from your feed list. If you don't read them, they will continue to add to the list for that site.

With the Spam section, it will show you all the content you see on the site about your spam. It will show you the Message Subject, who sent it, what address it was sent to, and include a link to release the message. It will be added to your feed reader as "My Spam, Blocked by Pobox.com".

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