What is my Spam folder?

The "Spam" folder is a fast an easy way to report spam, anywhere you read your Mailstore mail. You should see a folder in your Mailstore account, in your regular folder listing.

To report a message as spam, just drag-and-drop or move it to that folder using the "Report Spam" button. The reported message will be automatically deleted from the folder.

When you report a spam message, our content filter Vade analyzes the message content. Vade identifies shared elements in messages that may have come from different email addresses or locations, but that have all been reported as spam. All Pobox accounts run the Vade spam filter, unless you're an old custom user who hasn't upgraded to Pobox Recommendations. You'll need to upgrade to our current spam settings, or submissions to Vade work to improve filters that are automatically applied to your account!

In order to take advantage of the spam folder, your Mailstore account must be using IMAP. That's because only IMAP synchronizes changes you make on your computer with our server. POP3 accounts could put mail in the Spam folder, but we would never see those messages when the reporter ran, because they would only be on your computer. If you need to switch your account to IMAP, you can find instructions in the Help section.

Only Mailstore users can report spam using the "Spam" folder. If you would like to add this feature to your account, please upgrade to Mailstore today.

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