Can I choose where system messages from Pobox are sent?

When your account is set up, all messages from Pobox are sent to all the forwarding addresses on your account.  You can request that we send messages to different places, based on the type of message. 

You can specify that Pobox send your spam emailed reports to only one of your forwarding addresses, among other options.

Pobox Plus and Mailstore accounts who set up delivery groups can also specify which delivery group should receive invoices and receipts and password reset requests.

If you make changes to your forwarding addresses, we will send a confirmation email to all the forwarding addresses on that delivery group, including the one that was just removed, confirming the change.

If you send messages to Pobox Customer Support, we will respond to the address the message was sent from, unless:

  • you ask to make a change to another address
  • you request that we send responses elsewhere

In those cases, we will typically CC both addresses.





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