How do I use autoresponses with email filters?

Autoresponses can be sent as the action to any filter.  First, create your autoresponse

  • Message Name: This is what you will use to select the message when setting up your filters, so make sure it lets you identify which message you're sending.
  • Message Subject: What your correspondent will see in the Subject line of the message they get back.
  • Message Frequency: Should each person only get a single copy of this message, or should they get a new one each time they mail you (up to 1 per day)?
  • Message Content: The content of the email they will receive.

Messages are always sent from the email address that your correspondent's message was sent to.

Once your message is created, you can set up an email filter, using all the same criteria as are available for other filters.  Then, at the action step, select "Send An Automatic Response", then choose the name of your autoresponse that you wish to send.  The message sender will get the autoresponse you created, and you will have their original message forwarded on to you.

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