I have my own domain. How can I use Pobox?

If you already own a domain, but you're getting too much spam, or you're not happy with the service you're getting, switch to Pobox!

Just remember, as soon as you switch, we start handling your mail. So, if you already have users at your domain, you'll need to set their accounts up before you switch.

The domain that you want to add to your account cannot be one of your forwarding addresses (because setting that domain up on our servers would cause your forwarding to stop working.) So, if you are currently using your domain as your forwarding address, you will need to forward your account to another address first. Typically, your ISP will have also assigned you an email address at their domain, and you can use that address instead.

My domain is only used for email

If your domain is only used for email, then

My domain has a website

It's easy to have us handle your mail, and keep your site where it is. You just need to set up a personal domain, then ask your provider to update your MX records.

Your MX records only update where people send mail, so any other services you have set up for your domain (like your website) will not be affected by Pobox handling your mail. This is best if you have a complex setup, or you're using a web provider that includes hosting, or you use upload tools to manage your site.

Or you can use us as your nameservice (NS) provider, and then use redirection to point to your website. This is best if you are using one of the web services that lets you use your domain via DNS.


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