Outlook Express

1. Go to the Tools Menu, and click on Accounts.

Select Accounts

2. Select the account you want to now send mail through Pobox and click on Properties.

Internet Accounts

3. Click the Servers tab in the Properties window. Change Outgoing Mail Server to SMTP.POBOX.COM. Do not change any other settings.

Under the Outgoing Mail Server section check off the "My server requires authentication" box. Click the Settings button that is now available.

Mail Properties

4. Select "Log on using". Enter:

      • Account Name: youraddress@pobox.com (any of your Pobox addresses)
      • Password: your Pobox password
      • check Remember password

Outgoing Mail Server

5. Click OK, Then go to the Advanced tab. Check off "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" for the Outgoing mail (SMTP) port settings. Please note that you should follow your ISP's instructions when configuring encryption for your Incoming Mail settings. Click Apply.

6. Click OK, and then Close. You are done setting up SMTP authentication for that account.

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