I've stopped getting mail from my Pobox account!

If you aren't getting your mail, there are a couple of quick things you can do to try to resolve the problem.

Is your account paid for? A common reason people stop getting their mail is they accidentally let their account expire. Check your expiration date. If it's in the past, making payment will reactivate your account.

Is your forwarding address working? Go to the Home page, and check that your email address is accurate, and spelled correctly. Try sending a test message directly to your forwarding address, too. If that message does not go through, you may need to contact your ISP to make sure your mailbox is working.

Is the message you're looking for caught as spam? Take a look at the Spam section, and search for the message you're looking for.

Detail the problem. Once you've confirmed that your account is active, your forwarding address is correct, and the message wasn't caught as spam, you'll need to contact Customer Support. Please include the following details:

  • If your account forwards to multiple places, are the messages showing up at any of them?
  • Are you losing mail from everyone, or just certain people? If it's just certain people, send us their email addresses. If it's everyone, send us the email address of at least one person who sent you an email that you did not receive.
  • Did any of your correspondents receive a bounce message? If so, please send a copy of the bounce message.

Also, tell us when you last received a message to your Pobox account.

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