I've stopped getting messages from this person. Why?

If someone tells you that they have been emailing you, and you are not getting the messages, check your Spam listing to see if the messages are getting caught by your spam filters. Any messages we block from someone will be listed there. If the messages were held, release the messages to yourself. The address will automatically be added to your Trusted Senders, and future messages from this person will automatically bypass Spam Protection. If the messages were bounced, we cannot send you a copy of the message. Add that person as a Trusted Sender, and ask them to resend the message.

If they have not been caught by Pobox Spam Protection, ask your correspondent if they have received any bounce messages or error reports when trying to email you. If so, please send Customer Support a copy of that message.

If they have not received an error report, you are receiving other mail sent to your Pobox address, and we are not picking them up as spam, please check your ISP, to see if they are putting messages from that person in any Junk Mail or Spam folders for your account.

If you do not find the message in the Spam section, your ISP's Junk Mail or Spam folder, and your correspondent is not receiving any error, please send Customer Support a message including:

  • your correspondent's email address
  • the approximate time and date of the most recent message they sent you

If the message was CCed to another address, a copy of the full headers of that message would be extremely helpful. If your correspondent received any error or problem reports, please include those as well. (In general, when reporting a missing message, the more specific information you can provide, the better.)

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